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In order to obtain some accurate pallet storage prices and not get caught out by unexpected costs, it’s advisable to provide the prospective warehouse with as much information as possible.

WAREHOUSING CHARGES Many warehouses charge for pallet storage in one of two ways: per pallet if the goods are palletised or require palletising on arrival, or if they’re loose and are bulkier items then they generally charge per sq ft for the space used by your products. Warehouses will also charge something called RH&D.  This stands for Receipt, Handling and Despatch and refers to the charges when taking in stock, putting it into place and taking goods from the warehouse ready for despatch. This price is usually charged when taking the goods in for both the intake and despatch however is calculated as an in and out price for example £1.85 in and £1.85 out per pallet.

Some warehouses are designed more for bulk storage and some are racked which enable the operator to accommodate more pallets for storage in one area and make use of the height of the warehouse. With racked warehouses, each will have configured a certain height for pallets which they set their racking system to.  For some, this is higher than others therefore it is useful to know what the racking height is for the warehouse you have chosen in order to ensure your pallets do not exceed this height when they are delivered.

Standard UK pallets are generally 1000x1200mm (commonly known as CHEP pallets) with a standard height of 1.2m and the maximum being 1.5/1.6m.  Another popular pallet is the EURO pallet which dimensions are 800x1200mm with a maximum height of 1.8m. It’s also a good idea to know how your goods will be arriving. If they’re imported and  arriving by container, try to find out if the goods will arrive on pallets or not. If the goods are palletised then your warehouse operator will require the following information in order to provide you with pallet storage prices: How many pallets will be arriving? What are the dimensions of the pallets, height, weight etc? 

The height will especially determine whether the goods can be racked or not, as generally warehouses tend to have a standard height of up to 1.6m for their racking. Are they on standard pallets, euro pallets or if not which type? Can they be bulk stacked and if so how many high? Are the pallets fragile/hazardous?

If the goods are not palletised and require palletising on arrival, you will need to allow for the cost of removing the goods from the container, placing them on pallets and shrink-wrapping each pallet. Many warehouses are able to do this for you; however there will be an extra charge for this service. They may refer to this process as de-stuffing or de-vanning the container. 

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KB Transport Solutions (KBTS) is a thriving logistics and warehousing business, based in Coventry & Northampton. After being established in 2010 during the height of a recession, it had a slow progression into the transport and warehouse storage industry, due to limited funds. Despite this, the company continued to pursue its ambitions and develop long standing contracts and relationships with its customers, which thanks to KBTS’ high standards of service, are still working with the organisation today.

We have now developed our staff and can boast a team consisting of over 45 employees. As a family-run business, we promote a close-knit environment with family and friends being on both the board of directors and operating as members of staff.



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Great short term and long term storage for some of our larger plant machinery and palleted stock of materials. Nothings too much trouble (even when we need pieces back at short notice) Ritchie Property Maintenance services ltd

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